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The Mini Palma Clutch

The Mini Palma Clutch

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Introducing the stunning Palma clutch, your ultimate day-to-night companion. This versatile accessory effortlessly takes you from your busy daytime routine to the enchanting evening events. With its sleek design and impeccable style, it seamlessly transitions from being your trusted go-to wallet during the day to becoming the perfect statement piece for those glamorous cocktail gatherings with your girlfriends.

From your phone and cosmetics to keys and other small items, this versatile clutch effortlessly holds everything you need in one sleek package. Its thoughtfully placed internal pocket ensures organized storage, making it the perfect accessory to complement any simple and clean outfit.



  • 100% Recycled Nylon Woven Thread
  • Leather Logo


50cm Wide x 48cm High x 24cm Gusset

Care Instructions

Take care of your bag, her sturdy nylon woven material is designed for scuffing endlessly and can handle plenty of heavy lifting. But please note, colouring will fade over time when left in direct sunlight and may rub on your clothing when wet. The rustic stitching is part of its unique charm.

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