Photographer Ruben Beeris captured local beauty Maria at the beginning of the shoot on one of the islands most sought after coves, Cala Llombards.

Shop the Midi 'Catalina'

Location: Palma Old Town

The afternoon was spent exploring the back alleys of Palma, moving along the ancient cobblestone paths uncovering old ruins and intricately crafted doors amongst the earthen stone walls.

'Solara'  Debut Collection 2023
Immersed in the enchantment of a European summer, our campaign Solara unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of Mallorca, one of the captivating Balearic Islands.
We embarked on a heartfelt journey, exploring the island's picturesque landscape, from the quaint cobblestone paths of small towns to the hidden coves tucked away in seclusion, and the rustic countryside adorned with centuries-old olive trees.
This campaign serves as our love letter to the allure of a European summer, capturing the essence of Mallorca's unique charm and inviting you to join us on a voyage of beauty and discovery.
The chic and timeless colour ways are an ode to the nostalgic scenes of summer along the beautiful coastline and islands. Understated design, bold in colour, and effortlessly beautiful on the eye. 
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