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The Midi 'Catalina' RESTOCKED

The Midi 'Catalina' RESTOCKED

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You begged us to bring this style back - so we went weak at the knees and said YES. 
PLEASE NOTE - we have made new improved fabric for this restock, so the stripe placement and final size will differ slightly from original photos of our first bag. We have upgraded the thickness of the fabric, and added an additional pocket inside with extra strengthening.  
This beautiful bag is made from the sturdiest recycled nylon material, she’s made for throwing around on any surface and enduring endless summers.
Crafted from 100% Recycled Nylon with a leather embossed logo and ethically handcrafted by local artisans in India.
Note that the unique stitching and nature of the recycled nylon material means that each bag  differs slightly with some loose nylon thread and sometimes slight open pulls on the nylon weave, this does not effect the quality whatsoever and considered part of its rustic je ne sais quoi.
 - Stripe and Handle placement varies on all bags.


  • 100% Recycled Nylon Woven Thread
  • Leather Logo


45- 47cm Wide x 32cm High x 22cm Gusset

Care Instructions

Take care of your bag, her sturdy nylon woven material is designed for scuffing endlessly and can handle plenty of heavy lifting. But please note, colouring will fade over time when left in direct sunlight and may rub on your clothing when wet. The rustic stitching is part of its unique charm.

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