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Hencla Evil Eye / Clam Shelle Branklet

Hencla Evil Eye / Clam Shelle Branklet

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A mix of semi precious stones, vintage & fun new beads that pop. Jewellery that’s always looking for its next adventure...

hencla is made in Bondi, Sydney ~ Australia

materials: braided chord, hand made murano glass & ceramic beads this branklet features a hand made murano glass evil eye bead - each one is unique and has its own quirks/charm, there may be slight differences in shape and variation in bead ends.


  • 100% Recycled Nylon Woven Thread
  • Leather Logo


40cm Wide x 32cm High x 22cm Gusset

Care Instructions

Take care of your bag, her sturdy nylon woven material is designed for scuffing endlessly and can handle plenty of heavy lifting. But please note, colouring will fade over time when left in direct sunlight and may rub on your clothing when wet. The rustic stitching is part of its unique charm.

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